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Teacup Pigs
The term "Teacup"  Is not a  specific recognized breed of pig.  It is a coined term used to market small pigs as well as dogs and other miniature animals.  It is cleverly used in most cases yet is quite deceiving in others.  Its use conveys a message that the piglet is small like a teacup.  The reality is that many of the miniature pigs are quite small at birth.   Juliana piglets will weigh between 8-12 ounces at birth.  Other miniature piglets will have small birth size as well.  The deception will come at the top end, not the teacup phase.  I have seen even Pot Belly Pigs marketed as teacups, which in my opinion is quite deceiving.  Our use of the term "Terrific Teacup Pigs" Is a representation of our small Mini Juliana Piglets in a humorous way.  Our teacup piglets are mostly Purebred Mini Juliana pigs.  Occasionally we will use a select Boar or Sow that is of another breed to produce the desired piglet.  Small size is important, but not at the expense of the overall health of our pigs or your pet.

Mini Juliana Pigs
Mini Juliana Pigs originated in Europe and were imported to the United States decades ago.  Also known as Painted Pigs or Spotted Julianas.  They are usually spotted in a variety of shades and colors.  Occasionally you will see a piglet solid in color usually red in different shades.  Some, rarely though, will have green or even blue eyes.   My prize Juliana Boar,  Blaze, has one blue eye and one brown eye.  I also have a sow, Molly, who has green eyes. 

Mini Julianas have medium length straight attractive noses.  They should not have a pug nose like a potbellied pig.  My opinion is that some have crossed Mini Julianas with other breeds to get a pug nose.  Some people find it attractive, but I do not.  I can't help but think of all the market hogs I vaccinated for Rhinitis, a pig disease that twists and distorts the nose and nasal canal of pigs.  The pug nose is not Rhinitis but it reminds me of it.

Mini Julianas are lean pigs weighing between 35-70 pounds and 12-15" tall at maturity (3 years).  Their length will range between 22"-28" and they should not be gutty or swaybacked.

Mini Julianas are intelligent, curious pigs.  They train easily and become quite loyal.  I let my Boar, Blaze, out of the pen for hours and then call his name and he will come running.  He knows he will always get a treat by being obedient.

Potbelly Pigs
The Vietnamese Potbelly and the Miniature Potbelly are the most common pet pigs around.    They make great pets because of their quiet dispositions.  They often are abandoned because they get larger than most people are told and can become destructive if left unattended.  Their large potbellies and exaggerated sway backs are characteristic of this breed.  They often have pug noses that appear to be smashed.  This can resemble the rhinitis disease, but it is not, it is part of their breeding.  Potbellies weights are listed as 50-200 pounds.   I once bought a Potbelly sight unseen.  When I met the person to pick up my 60 pound pig I was shocked.  I felt I knew pig weights and I swore the pig was closer to 110 pounds than 60.  The person was willing to bet $1000 that I was wrong.   When I got the pig home she weighed a whopping 120 pounds.    

Miniature and Micro Mini Pigs
These pigs appear to be a cross of some of the above-mentioned breeds.   Some are as many as 20-30 generations of selective breeding for small size.  I have a small white Boar, Templeton, who is the 16th generation of a small Sweedish Landrace/Yorkshire cross.  These can be handsome pigs and have weight ranges similar to Mini Julianas.  Height will be 12-16" and weight between 35-70 pounds,  when properly fed.   Many of these can appear to be underfed.   I cross some of my Mini Juliana sows with my white Boar to get a desired color of a piglet.  New names such as Micro Mini and Nano pigs are being used.  Again similar to the term teacup they are meant to stress piglet size and not a breed.

Pig Weights
Pigs are very compact animals.  A 40-pound pig will be smaller than a 40-pound medium size dog.  Many times a producer will underestimate the weight of their pigs.  A 30 pound full grown Sow is a small pig.  I could under feed that same pig and get her down to 25 pounds or I could over feed her and get her to 70 pounds.  Shannon, my 4-year-old Mini Juliana is 12" tall and weighed 32 pounds pre-breeding.  I am keeping females from her fathered by a30 pound Boar.    We are trying to get our boars to the 35 pound range.  My Mini Juliana Boar was only 8 pounds at 5 months and should top out at 30 pounds at 2 years.    You need to have a healthy weight for your pig.   Do not overfeed your pig!


Feeding Your Pig
Pigs will naturally try to eat just about anything.  Mini Juliana Pigs will do best if fed twice daily an amount totally 7-8 ounces of feed.  That amount is for a 40 lbs pig and you should adjust accordingly.  Feed your piglet so that his/her stomach is full, but not stretched.
Pigs need protein and roughage.  Obtain a good quality feed. Do not feed your piglet wheat products. Wheat will not harm them but makes their waste stink more.  Pigs eat whole kernel corn like candy.  It is a good treat but by itself does not provide enough protein in smaller quantities.  My pigs love raw eggs and get one every other day.  Eggs are a natural food for pigs, high in protein and good for their hair and skin. Pigs like clover and other grasses in small quantities.  Vegetables and fruits are also good in small amounts.  If your pig does not look healthy adjust the quantity.

Housing Your Pig

Pigs are very social, they do best if they have a companion pig or other animal.  Outdoor pigs should be kept dry in cold weather with adequate shelter from wind and rain.  When your pig is small you will need to give extra care during cold weather.  Pigs will be fine in cold of 20-30 degrees F.  Weather colder will require extra bedding and care, but they are very hardy animals.  Fresh water is very important in all weather conditions.  Extreme heat may require a mist
of water or wet concrete to lye on.  I am not a fan of mud pits, but give your pig a way to get wet in extreme heat.  They only sweat through the nose so the wetness helps cool them.  Indoor pigs have much the same needs as a dog.

Pig Health

Your main challenges will be roundworms and mites.  Your pig will be treated with Ivomec before leaving our farm. Your pig will also have been vaccinated for Rhinitis (a nose disease) and seven other diseases.  It is important that you worm your pig at least 2 times yearly.  If they are outdoor pigs 4 times is recommended. Again I recommend ivomec or its equal.  Walking on concrete will keep pig hooves trim.  If they become too long you may need to trim them.  If so, only trim 1/4 inch at a time.
Terrific Teacup Piglet Pricing

We try hard to make our piglets affordable.  Please be assured your piglet is from quality breeding stock and will be what we represent him/her to be.  A price of $1,500-$4,000 will not get you a better piglet.  Our prices represent our investment and allow us a profit, but not a windfall. 

Our piglet prices range from $650-$1250 depending on size, breed, color, personality, etc. Most of our piglets are priced at $850, with most of our purebred registered Julianas priced at $1250, some variation. Occasionally we will sell breeding stock.  Please ask if you are interested.

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