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Most feed produced for pigs by national companies are formulated for optimum growth and feed efficiency. That is not what we want with Mini Juliana & Teacup Pigs. DO NOT feed your tiny pig (expected weight less than 35lbs.) a feed designed for optimum growth! Terrific Teacup Pig Feeds are designed for optimum health without promoting growth. Terrific Teacup pig Feeds contain absolutely zero growth hormones or growth stimulants.

Grower Feed

Our Grower Feed is formulated specifically for Mini-Juliana and Teacup Pigs ages 5 weeks to 4 months. It contains 20% Crude Protein, necessary Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, and Amino Acids. It also contains a low dose medication to keep your growing piglet at optimum health.  There are NO growth hormones or stimulants in this product!  Our feed comes in pellet form in a 14 pound box.  One box usually gets your piglet to the Adult Feed stage.  Maximum daily intake should not exceed 1/2 cup.  Fruits & Veggies & Treats can be supplemented in small amounts.

$30.95/ box
 + $13.95 Shipping
USPS 2-3 days Priority Mail

Adult Feed

Our Adult Feed is a special blend of whole Indiana grains formulated and ground by an Animal Dietician.  Crude Protein is 15%, and Grains include Indiana Corn, Soybean Meal, Oats, Barley, and Amino Acids.  Vitamins and Minerals are added but absolutely no growth hormones or growth stimulants!  At least 1/2 cup should be fed daily if other food sources are provided.  As the sole food source at least 1 cup should be given daily.  Adjust accordingly to the body condition of your pig.  Each box weighs
24 lbs. and will last 60-90 days.

$35.95/ box
 + $18.95 Shipping
USPS 2-3 days Priority Mail

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