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We are an American Family living on a farm in central Indiana.  Larry & Annette Kleinhenz were married in 1980 and have been blessed with eleven (11) children.  Over the years we have all worked hard to endure the challenges of Farm life.
Larry started raising pigs in 1974 while still in high school.  After studying Animal Science in college he returned to Indiana, married Annette, bought a Farm and resumed raising hogs.  For 20 years 1500 market hogs annually supplemented the family income.  In 1999 the hog market crashed and we got out of the business, we thought, for good.

Recently Pigs have come back to our Farm.  Curious about the publicity generated by the new "Teacup Pig" craze, we investigated the concept thoroughly.  After getting our hands dirty and coming to understand the differences in 'Miniature Pigs", we have invested in Purebred Mini Juliana Pigs and are excited about raising Julianas as family pets.  Our Juliana Info page provides details about various types of miniature pigs.   It also explains the "Teacup Pig" concept.  We hope our site is helpful.  Please know that the pig you acquire from us will always have a home at our Farm should you become unable to care for it.
Larry Kleinhenz & Family

Please know that should you no longer be able to care for your piglets we will accept them, without refund, at our farm near our home and try to find them a new home. Bio security is top priority because of the ease of transferring illness.

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